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Once again I have to admit I am a very lucky person: I was invited again to attend the coolest event about luxury travel, Further East, in one of my favorite destinations: Bali. The perfect occasion for bleisure and meet old and new friends and of course, to get the latest updates on luxury travel in the APAC Region. A short explanation about what is Further East in this link. With this you will fully understand the concept.
It takes place in Seminyak, in 4 different hotels along the beach. More information link here.
A different way of doing business. 
Among the many meetings I held during Further East, I discovered some new properties and unique experiences I want to share:
Raya Heritage: located at the river Ping in Chiang Mai, it celebrates the rich culture and craft-making pedigree. 20 minutes away from the center and 30 minutes from Chiang Mai’s airport. It was opened in June 2018 and offers 38 suites at least 75m2.
All the decor and activities trace the Lanna culture from Northern Thailand and it can be found everywhere: in hand carved teak mirrors, ceramic tiles, woodcuts and naturally dyed fabrics, all made locally by artisans nearby.
The menus of the restaurant Khu Khao showcases dishes from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China, the crossroads countries where the hotel is located.
Oaga Art Resort: opened in Maldives in May 2023 with 60 villas, is a very different hotel from what we usually could expect. Located in North Male Atoll, all villas and facilities are very colorful and full of local art,
It is all inclusive. They own the largest art collection in the Maldives, including the biggest mural pool in the world and more than 150 unique villa murals.
For the kids, there are plenty of activities and even a petting zoo!
Other fantastic facilities include a music recording studio, scuba-diving spots, yoga classes, table tennis, darts, beach tennis, billiards, and so much more. And each water villa has a slide!

Santani Wellness Kandy: this 19.5h resort occupies a former tea plantation surrounded by rice paddies in the mountains of Sri Lanka, 90 minutes from Kandy. The architecture by Thisara Thanapathy is truly impressive, the 20 chalets have a glass wall with stunning views of the lush vegetation. Santani offers a delicious dining experience without a menu. The chefs propose an exclusive menu according to each person’s dietary preferences, which includes organic vegetables grown in the region.
Top-notch spa of more than 550 m² with thermal saltwater pool, sauna, steam room and yoga classes in the mornings and evenings. Can’t wait to go!
Guntû: this stunning cruise is like being on a floating ryokan designed by Japanese architect Yasushi Horibe, whose works mainly include houses and living spaces. There are 19 suites -50m2 to 90m2 each- all with private terraces, baths and a view of the surrounding sea. Some suites also offer sumptuous open-air baths for guests to enjoy.
The cruises are usually 3 days and 2 nights. They leave from Bella Vista Marina.
Another addition to my bucketlist: Guntû on the Seto Inland Sea.
Seven Secrets Lombok: nestled right on the breathtaking shores of Lombok, is a sophisticated resort meticulously designed to provide an experience that is both elegant and tastefully adventurous. It has 24 suites from 80m2 and all designed by Roberto Cavalli. All suites have their own outdoor jacuzzi.
They customise the aromatherapy in the suite for each guest and they offer a massage upon check in. Going directly to my bucketlist!

The Nautilus Maldives: located 30km away from Malé, it has 26 houses and residences. The smallest one is 280m2. It was opened in November 2019. It defends the philosophy that anything is possible «anytime, anywhere.» Thus, their experiences are always available. For many, it is the perfect vacation, with no schedules or time limits, where anything is possible anytime, anywhere. This new concept of service and hospitality promised by The Nautilus allows, to enjoy your holidays as never before. Where you are free to set your own beat. Free to do – and to be – as you please. On an island 250 meters long and 250 meters wide, luxury and intimacy are the absolute priority.
There are also three gourmet restaurants and two bars.
Kizuna Travel: based in Japan and specialist in other kind of luxury, as they say: genuine luxury travel in Japan goes beyond gorgeous hotels, private vehicles, and exquisite meals. Rather, genuine luxury is genuine care and concern. Their goal is to ensure that every aspect of our guests’ trip is exactly as imagined. This means the hotels are perfect for each guest. It means they assure a seamless experience, from arrival to departure.
Surely their proposals will turn into unique memories.
Galle Face Hotel: I slept in this fabulous property back in 2008. Since 2016 totally refurbished is another must go. Originated in 1864, South Asia’s leading Grande Dame, the Galle Face Hotel bears testimony to both Sri Lanka’s colonial past and its independent present. Celebrated within the hospitality world, it blends historical splendour with crafted modernity to form a new model for heritage properties. It has 156 rooms from 35m2.

Tampah Hills Lombok: this stunning property opened in 2018 occupying 125 hectares, has 20 villas to rent for short or long-term vacation (or workation). For families or friends. These 20 villas will turn somewhen in the coming years in 100.
Spa and restaurant are also coming to this property of 500 metres of beach and lush bushes. 
Tokyo: one of my favorite destinations in the world presented in Further East their timeless proposals, from traditions expected by all tourists visiting Japan, to the most modern Japanese experiences. Check the Tokyo Timeless Temptations new website.
Tokyo is always the best destination.
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