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The founders of Pure Marrakech and L.E/Miami thought it could be great to have a similar event in the APAC region and they chose Bali as the destination and Further East as the name. Why not, Bali represents the perfect holiday with some of the most stunning hotels.

The Concept of Further East

No ties no boundaries..
It is the most innovative high-end travel trade show. It unites the world’s most original, APAC-focused travel brands, buyers and globally renowned media -me included-, its mission is to create a unique community that attracts the most forward-thinking minds in luxury hospitality.
It takes place in Seminyak, Bali. Four hotels for one event. Being Alila Seminyak the main hotel where Further East takes place, the others are aligned, they all can be easily reached along the beach, one after the other.

Open House

Further East 2022 began on Monday November the 7th with the Open House in Potato Head Beach Club, I could not imagine a more perfect venue for the concept: two conferences areas, all very casual, in front of the beach.

It represented the perfect kick-off by focusing on New Horizons and to discuss what the future holds for travel in the APAC region.
I was also involved in some of the immersive workshops like creating jewels, from cooking oil to candles, getting a massage or cocktails.

The day ended with coolest beach party with great food and music:

The meetings

On the 8th, 9th and 10th the pre-scheduled meetings one-to-one started in Alila Seminyak indoors:
and also some outdoors, which make the meetings so special:
I met so many interesting properties offering unique experiences and I can not wait to travel the world and write about all my discoverties. The Further East community are a bunch of like-minded travel enthusiasts; people who want to celebrate the region’s heritage, while encouraging evolution and promising to make a positive impact. Spark conversations, making new connections and forming lasting friendships. Sticking around for sunset drinks to meet fellow Further Easters before the business begins.

Events during Further East

Further East is more than a travel event that unites like-minded people from around the globe,  is a celebration of mind. My first evening I had a fabulous dinner hosted by Hyatt & Alila in the fabulous Penthouse. 
Next day started with non stop one-to-one meetings. Then we have the yummiest lunch in Potato Head:
In the afternoon I enjoyed a workshop at the Alila Penthouse about Conscious Living with local products: how to mix the superfoods in order to get great juices of natural scrubs:

I learnt a lot about the products and how to mix them in order to get a healthy drink.
In the evening the White party at The Legian Seminyak was something magical,
not only for the venue but also for the food proposals of well-known local restaurants offering their signature dishes and as well getting to know some projects working with local communities.
I also learnt about John Hardy Jewelry, leading brand in the island since 1975. It combines traditional Balinese metalworking and design motifs with a modern fine jewelry sensibility. Absolutely the best souvenir.
Next day started with the yummiest breakfast buffet in W Seminyak by Joali Maldives where they shared their sustainable wellness vision as nost just as expressions, it is a way of life, a way of being. Savouring the joy and co-creating moments of wonder. Can’t wait to visit Joali Being. and Joali Maldives:
During the whole event, we enjoyed fresh coconut juice thanks to Joali Maldives:
On Thursday I enjoyed a wellness workshop in The Legian Spa including a guidance about healthy drinks from their farm or local farms around the hotel

and a truly fabulous massage:
The Closing Party took place in W Seminyak with great music and entertainment:
And part of the media team taking a funny selfie:

How to arrive

From Barcelona the fastest way is direct flight to Singapore and from there another flight to Bali. The seat in Business Class in Singapore Airlines is the widest and most comfortable to sleep onboard.
Thanks to Travelwifi, I had steady connection in Bali. I always travel with my pocket wifi and also 5 devices can be connected.
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