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I have been lucky to have been invited again to the Tianguis Turístico, this time it came back to its roots in beautiful Acapulco, where it all began in 1975.
The event took place in the Expo Mundo Imperial, a great venue where all was perfectly organised. The venue is very modern and very well thought for big and medium events:
The opening with speeches from several Tourism Authorities was very informative and nice. Huge auditorium as well:

Here you can see my pics of Tianguis turístico 2022 and here my pics of wonderful Acapulco.
Check #GraupixAcapulco in all my social media to see more pics and comments.
Inclusive tourism has been one of the hightlights of this year’s Tianguis Turístico.
As local wifi in the venue was not working very well, I used the whole time TravelWifi, my pocket hotspot that I always rent for few money.
The whole Mexican experience is always full of colors and learning about traditions:

The figures of Tianguis Turístico:
– 1.745 buyers 63.2% Mexican and 36.8% from abroad (mainly Colombia, USA and Spain)
– 4.048 services companies
– 1.017 exhibitors from 32 Mexican states
– 64.950 appointments
The products that were most offered by the exhibitors in the Tianguis Turístico 2022 were sun and beach tourism – 48%, cultural tourism 46%, and nature tourism 37%.
As for the most popular destinations amongst buyers, was Cancún with 47%; Acapulco 42%; Mexico City 34%; Puerto Vallarta, 32%; and Magical Towns 30%, but highlights that the preference for other destinations increased by 60%, which means that they are already diversifying towards the 254 places of tourist vacations.
Regarding the final evaluation of the exhibitor profiles by buyers, 44% rated them as «Excellent» and the 55% as «Very good». Exhibitors evaluate the Tianguis Turístico 2022 edition held in Acapulco, as «Excellent» by 34%, and as «Very well» 57%.

Next year the event will take place in Mexico City from the 26th to the 29th of March.
To have wifi the whole time I used my TravelWifi hotspot, the best portable wifi.