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One of the most interesting projects I have learnt lately is Danza Il Tuo Viaggio, the ones who can speak Italian relate the word dance and the word journey. This is a very different project by Giuliana Cucco, a luxury travel professional since 20 years who created from her passion to dance and her job, this project mixing dance with events and travels.
The benefits of dancing are well known, it stimulates endorphins, allows you to move, facilitates knowledge, helps you to express yourself and regain self-esteem. Feel vibes and get happier every minute. And if we add a dream location, with breathtaking views, the satisfaction is complete.
Danza Il Tuo Viaggio, Dance Your Journey, is the pioneer in upscale thematic events connected to Dance, offering the opportunity of relishing beautiful places accompanied by the healing power of music and dancing.
Giuliana Cucco selects locations that have a particular meaning, that can adapt well to the proposed dance styles. She proposes an escape from routine, from everyday problems, a moment of peace and relaxation.
The main goal is creating something unique, memorable, a memory engraved in the heart and mind. This is why Giuliana is adding proposals that are going beyond dance and movement. Her activities involve lifestyle programs, fashion, cultural moments, food and wine. Born in Southern Italy, this Danza Il Tuo Viaggio reflects her roots and passions. And it is not only about travelling, but about events: her events are created both for people that like movement without any previous experience in dancing and for dance lovers that want to master a particular dance style taking advantage of a beautiful location and of the company of other travel friends. So ideal for me, who has no idea about coordinating movements with music….
She proposes high quality activities perfect for personal events, incentives and team buildings.
All her events include lifetime moments and propose authentic and indigenous experiences according to the place where they take place.Great for an incentive event or a team building meetings, gala dinners and company events, adding her touch proposing inedit entertainment and networking activities.Her added values are the great organization, connections, precision and professionalism.
Tailor made experiences designed with attention to details, you can just relax and leave everything to our hands!Such a great idea to join forces with dance to develop great and original events or unique travel experiences.