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On the March 20th,  2020 I should have taken a flight to Mérida, the capital of the state of Yucatán in Mexico. I was invited to attend the Tianguis Turístico, the most important tourism event in the country. Unfortunately, it was cancelled and we all know the reason. And postponed to September 2020. And then again postponed to March 2021. And finally postponed to mid November 2021. And I was lucky to witness the most well-prepared event in Mexico.
I was truly lucky to get an upgrade from Aeromexico and fly in style:Tianguis Turístico took place in the Centro de Convenciones siglo XXI from the 16th to 19th of November and my hosting hotel was the Hampton Inn by Hilton Mérida, across the road, really convenient and very good price-quality, I enjoyed my stay very much.
The event started with the official opening by the Mexican President in the Centro Internacional de Convenciones de Yucatán. Both Tianguis Turístico venues are impressive and state-of-the-art; for sure Mérida is an ideal location for such unique events.The figures of Tianguis Turístico:
– 1.635 international buyers from 43 countries
– 4.048 services companies
– 1.017 exhibitors from 32 Mexican states
– 56.643 appointments
Getting finally together in a face-to-face event, after such a long time being only online and achieving extraordinary results: all goals were exceeded, making history with the figures surpassing the figures of Acapulco 2019.
The most requested Mexican destinations were: Cancún, with 28%; Riviera Maya, with 18%; Mérida, with 16%; México City and Los Cabos, with 15% each; Acapulco, with 14%; Oaxaca and Puerto Vallarta, with 13% each; the Magical Towns, with 11%; and Guadalajara, with 10%. Some I have already visited, and some are on my bucketlist.
Among all exhibitors and people I met, I have chosen some of the most unique and extraordinary Mexican experiences to inspire you:
Nebulosa Project in the State of Jalisco: with this name is meant different sustainable and unique projects like Hacienda Carmelitas, a self-sustaining farmhouse nestled in the heart of the mountain mesophyll forest located in the Sierra Madre Occidental that preserves the cultural heritage of the Mexican ancestors where each space was carefully dedicated to project the regional cultural heritage.They also offer a unique concept in gastronomy where each dish is a journey through the mountains and according the season. Everything comes from the organic and biodynamic farm totally sustainable and no pesticides or similars are used.
You will also find the Itzpapalotl Butterfly Garden butterfly farm to make awareness of the importance of the pollinators.
And Nebulosa an artisan beer and a Ninfa Raicilla, a distillate from the Maximiliana Agave are ellaborated in the farm.
Can’t wait to go!MCX: A Mayan World cruise on the Grijalva river in the State of Tabasco: to start in July 2023, this big catamaran will flow along the rivers Grijalva and Usumacinta, from Villahermosa to Tenosique. It is the first river cruise through the Mayan World: 146 cabins from 18m2 to 44 m2 for the biggest suite, boasting the only river cruise in Mexico. A fabulous combination between archeology, architecture and sailing in an unique luxury catamaran. 2300U$ per person.Important to hightlight that the catamaran is completely free of pollutants to the environment and to the waters of the rivers through which it will sail, already that, instead of the use of internal combustion engines, they will have propulsion generated by electric motors, powered in a hybrid form between solar panels, electricity generators and battery banks. More details:, website soon.
In Tabasco you can find several cacao plantations and 7 tourist chocolate routes to learn about this Mayan treasure that has arrived to our times.Monterrey in the State of Nuevo León: one of the coolest destinations in Mexico. The city well known for its industrial and technological development make it a metropolis with an extraordinary quality of life, as well as an interesting cultural, gastronomic and entertainment offer. A fabulous example is the transformation of the old froundry from 1900, once-important industrial center to a heritage museum and public park called Parque Fundidora.
In Tianguis Tutístico, Nuevo León presented their sustainable proposals and their top gastronomy.And for the past four years they organize the Luztopia, the lighting festival during two months for the winter which is the biggest in the country. Over 200 giant figures along the Paseo Santa Lucía.
And in the State of Nuevo León has 3 Pueblos Mágicos– Magical Towns-: Bustamante, Linares and Santiago. As the new governor says «the NEW Nuevo León» and surely the new Secretary of Tourism Maricarmen Martínez has lots of work and challenges with the new direct flight by Aeromexico from Madrid.Coqui & Coqui in the State of Yucatán: it is a very unique project boasting several fragrances, produced as individual scents and available as other products, from bath oils to room scents and beeswax candles.
All made in Valladolid, YucatánAnd The Only One Suite Collection are the tiny -one suite- hotel on the top of the Coqui & Coqui perfumeries. Boho chic, eclectic style and heritage, you will love it.– Muxes in the State of Oaxaca: in the Istmo de Tehuantepec region in Oaxaca, there are three genders: female, male and muxes. This third classification has been acknowledged and celebrated since pre-Hispanic times, and it’s hard to imagine life without muxes here. Most people speak the indigenous Zapotec language where there are no grammatical genders.Now you can make a lunch with muxes and learn about their live, their goals and how they live in this third gender.And Tianguis Turístico Mérida was so well visited, so alive, so colorful and I can only thank the organisers for the hard preparation and the successful event:Now I am looking forward to visit Tianguis Turístico Acapulco in 2022.