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The rebirth of tourism is what we are all waiting for since the nightmare of the global Covid 19 pandemic began. And this same phrase is the slogan of the Tianguis Turístico 2021 –the most important tourism show in Mexico– that will take place in Mérida, the capital of the Yucatán from the 16th to the 19th of November.
Yucatán is one of the states of the Mexican Republic with more diversity and with plenty of natural, architectural and cultural richeness. I have been only a couple of times and truly love it and cannot wait to be back. And specially to be back in Mexico, a country that I adore.
The Secretary of Tourism of the State, Michelle Fridman confirms that they aspire to lead this new beginning, the pandemic is the most serious crisis that the tourism sector has ever faced, and not only for leisure, but also for MICE. And there are many companies involved in tourism development, seriously affected.
She further comments that no doubt, nowadays that many countries are very advanced with the vaccination, it is time to return, time to get back to face-to-face events. It is in crises that opportunities arise, and with the Yucatán destination there is confidence, since Yucatán is a leader in biosecurity, has the strictest sanitary protocols to apply to the tourism chain, and has continuously certified and trained sectors of the industry, from luxury resorts, to receptive operators or restaurants, among others.The Covid measures during the event will be dictated by the Security Board of Mexico, covering the different profiles of visitors.
Since June 2021 I I have received my 2 dosis of vaccine and feel safe to travel around the world, of course, always taking care, but I feel safe. Since last June I have visited Maldives, Azores, Austria and Bologna. And next is Yucatán to attendt the Tianguis!
In Tianguis 2019, there were about 13.000 visitors, for Tianguis in Mérida, among exhibitors, visitors, press and hosted buyers, it is expected to reach around 10.000 visitors.
The main objective is the quality of the visitors, that everyone present at the event, can do business and close travel proposals.
Of these exhibitors, there will be about 150 that come directly from Yucatán, in addition to an area of Yucatecan cuisine, as well as local crafts, so the offer of the State of Yucatán, will be very wide.The event during the day will take place in the Yucatan Siglo XXI Convention and Exhibition Centerand the opening event will take place in the Yucatan International Congress Center -which has the Leed Green Building certificate of sustainability-in addition to the Great Mayan World Museum as the headquarters of the main conferences so you will have the opportunity to get to know the most cutting-edge venues in the State. All of them demonstrating their commitment to sustainable development, as well as inclusion and good practices.
Visitors will also be able to get to know architectural and natural jewels of the State, such as visiting the colonial city of Valladolid,or bathing in cenotes, or taking bicycle tours through the jungle or birdwatching, hidden beaches, etc.In fact, in 2021, the State of Yucatán is launching a new product every day, yes, every day. From new spots for stargazing, to live authentic experiences with visits to Mayan communities, or to the more than 100 kilometers of trails that can be done walking or cycling -cycling as a new concept in Yucatán-, or the new thematic parks such as Xibalbá by Xcaret -representing the underworld-.Fun, culture, entertainment and business assured.