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The acronym ‘MICE’ stands for ‘Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions’. MICE is used to refer to a particular type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for some particular business purpose. The MICE industry plays an important part in Thailand’s tourism scene. Thailand, as a prime tourism location, has been developing into an increasingly popular location to hold international events, both for marketing products and holding corporate seminars. To deeply know about this, I interviewed khun Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, TCEB President, if you read this interview, you’ll see all the efforts Thailand is putting in the MICE industry and the great support they prepare for organisers and to let them know all different Thai provinces where an event can successly be organised.
With the great excuse to attend Thailand MICE Forum 2019, I’ve been invited to further discover new opportunities and redefine what does it mean

During the the high-profile MICE entrepreneur symposium, that took place in The Athenée Hotel, pooling executives from the world’s leading MICE associations (UFI, ICCA, SITE) to unveil their perspectives to strengthen Thai MICE. Declaring Thailand‘s potentiality as the region’s top destination for MICE, the convention will uncover Thailand’s vision to drive Thai MICE in 2020.
One of the hightlights in 2019 is the 86th UFI Global Congress, during 6-9 November 2019 by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry or UFI, will be held in the «Platforms of Trust: Connect – Engage – Succeed» concept with an estimated number of delegates of 550 from 50 countries worldwide.
See the promotional video for the UFI Congress
Thailand is just amazing, everybody knows about the friendliest people in Asia, about the pristine white sandy beaches, the best streetfood and the fabulous temples. What should a destination marketing department organise to inspire a jetsetter like me? the word «Redefine» is the key concept, how to see the city, the locations, everything, new angles and new visions, this is what TCEB organised for me:
Redefine luxury: I slept at the chic The Sukhothai hotel, that symbolizes an ancient Thai kingdom in the heart of Bangkok. This is a truly gem nestled in acres of gardens and lotus ponds. With 210 rooms and suites, it showcases an elegant property full of artistic Thai touches.
To see my pics of The Sukhothai link here
To see my video of  The Sukhothai link here
To see my video of the Botanica Spa in The Sukhothai link here

Redefine your own food: yes, you can do this when you pick your own herbs from the Chef’s Herbs Garden in the Celadon, the great Thai restaurant at The Sukhothai

Redefine Imagination with a presentation in the wonderful Garden Ville, the gardens of The Sukhothai:

Redefine dinner conceptsKarmakamet is already an established brand of aromatic products, but it has also a lovely little café in Sukhumvit. As well as a scattered menu of European and Asian dishes, KarmaKamet features lifestyle products, fragrances and homeware. The design is quite incredible, crossed between an apothecary and barn with bottles and baskets spread throughout. There is a lot of attention to detail in the decor of this chic rustic bohemian space, with potpourri sacks on the ceiling, essential oils on display in vintage medicine cupboards, handwritten letters within the coasters, specially printed newspapers lining the tables and other cute retro accents. A new foodie must for me!

Redefine The stars night: with one Michelin star the Bo.Lan is considered to be one of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok. Famed for initiating the concept of fine dining Thai cuisine in the city,
As you enter the restaurant you will find a small farm shop selling Thai delicatessen – testament to the philosophy at Bo.Lan of using organic, locally produced ingredients that not only tastes great, but also promotes local farmers.
See here my full experience in the BoLan restaurant

In Bo.Lan they want to achieve 100% sustainability therefore they recycle as much as you can imagine and we did learn from them how to do it

Redefine MICE venue at the True Icon Hall in Icon Siam: In the most amazing shopping mall you have ever seen, the True Icon Hall is being finished (end August 2019). We did a site visit to the works.

Quite impressive. Then we learnt about all the details in an interesting press conference:

Redefine my Happiness at Sook Siam: a melting pot of regional products, cultures and food, divided in the 4 main Thai regions. If you have no time to visit the city, go to Sook Siam and you’ll have an idea of what Thainess and Thailand means.

– Redefine Memory: at the historic hotel Praya Palazzo, first known as “Ban Bang Yee Khan,” was built in 1923 by a European architect for Coronel Praya Chollabhumipanich, a Thai-Chinese nobleman who handled Far East affairs for the king. After passing by different hands -it served even as school-, was abandoned in 1996. The building had been damaged by floods and not taken care of for ages, and additionally, it was extremely expensive to do restorations, as all construction materials had to be transported by boat due to the lack of road access, but luckily the owners of Montara Hospitality, a Thai family took care of Thai pride and heritage, bought it and restored it to become a chic historic boutique hotel. 

We enjoyed a superb dinner:

Even with a puppet show

And we were so lucky to see live the rehearsals for the Royal Barge Procession for the 24th of October. Read more about this procession in this article

When we arrived to The Sukhothai late at night, we advanced the celebration of the Loi Krathong – the name could be translated as «to float a basket,» and comes from the tradition of making krathong or buoyant, decorated baskets, which are then floated on a river-. 

And all in this special place:

If you want to organise an event, it all depends how you want to do it, where and what you pretend, that is why to redefine is important. Get your goals imagining the best event in Thailand.